What are the GummiBears NFT?

The Gummi Bears are variety of more than 80+ flavors and unique 3D NFT with 200+ different traits. The sweet NFTs are stored as SOL tokens on the Solana blockchain.

With the GummiBears Flavors NFT collection we will fund the creation of one of the largest Online Land in the Metaverse.

Total Supply Project assets: 7000 NFTs.
1) Alpha: 111 NFC 
2) Dori: 3000 NFC 
3)VIP: 1000 NFC 
The Alpha Collection represent the Non Fungible Candies “Gummi Bear Flavors” with 111 supply, which already minted on 29 June 2022.


Passive Income by becoming a Club Owner

50% of the generated profits in the CandyLand will be distributed to the GummiBears NFT holders. There will be different levels of profit-share, depending on which NFT you own. Holding your NFT will generate passive income, which can be used in the Candy Land or paid out to your wallet.


Every NFT holder will be eligible to take part in a monthly lottery with prizes. Each NFT held will give you an entry into the lottery.

Partnerships with Streamers / Online Marketers

We are already in contact with streamers all over the world and have agreed on the first partnerships. Streamers working with us will exclusively play and stream in our CandyLand. there will also be a referral program, which makes our Land even more attractive to Streamers and Affiliate Marketers all over the world.

Metaverse Appartements

Distribution of apartments inside HeavenLand Metaverse for GummiBears NFT collectors, holders of 3+ NFTs have chances to get a free apartment.

Metavers Parcels

3 VIP Holders of 5+ GummiBears NFTs will get parcels for free inside the Metaverse


Phase 1

Creating unique GummiBears Flavors NFT

Phase 2

Lunch GummiBears NFT Minting with Solana Blockchain

Phase 3

Rewards distribution, apartments and Meta Lands.

Phase 4

Acquiring lands in Metaverse. Weekly updates on our Discord.

Phase 5

Huge marketing strategy

Phase 6

Launching Lottery with prizes for NFT holders.

Phase 7

Building the CandyLand in the Metaverse.

Phase 8

Weekly tournaments for NFT holders


We are a creative agency with a passion for design

With our approach to Web3 Design, our strategy is w2w projects, based on profit sharing for our community, which can be done by delivering what we promise.


Lets Make some noise

You will help us to achieve our goals and to grow this business together.